Are you curious about water? Where it comes from and how it gets to your house?

The combination of a rapidly growing city and the effects of a changing environment are putting greater pressure on Melbourne’s precious water supply.

To keep our city green and vibrant but also save precious water, we're asking everyone to limit their water usage to a maximum of 155 litres per person, per day.

Water is a precious resource which we all enjoy. There are lots of ways we can all do our bit to use water wisely.

Here at City West water we love sharing our knowledge of all things water.

Test you knowledge and perhaps learn something new!

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How do I find out how I am tracking against 155 target?

Your water bill will show your household’s daily average water use. Just divide this number by the number of people living in your house to calculate your average daily water use per person and see if you're meeting Target 155.

Did you know?

We can assist with water saving advice and assistance, such as:

  • showerhead replacement program
  • toilet replacement program